Stand out amongst your competitors and stay in the mind of your customers in this highly competitive market.

Put your brand on it.  Leave a distinct, lasting impression about your unique identity –  your values, your personality, your standards, your products.

Promotional Marketing delivers on retention, affiliation and engagement with your brand, your message and the activation around it.  It’s measurable, engaging and has longevity out in the market place.

Build it into your marketing mix, bring your brand to life and showcase it across your media channels.

Whatever your target, reach, budget and lead in time, we have the ideas, drive and capabilities to be your one stop shop.  Talk to us today.



With the clutter of advertising – how do you stand out and get remembered?  Leave a distinct, lasting impression about your unique identity, your brand values, your personality, your standards and your products. Put your brand on it.

There are significant challenges in today’s multi-channel market.  We want to create solutions that communicate the quality of your brand, encourage consumer engagement and deliver on campaign goals.

With 30 years industry experience, we have built such a strong network of suppliers, we can offer you an extensive range of products (over 900 SKU’s).  With such buying power, we offer highly competitive pricing and lead in times.  We engage in the most advanced technologies in the decorating and branding process to give a finish you’ll be proud to take to the market.

From branded items such as promotional pens, keyrings, drink bottles, caps, t-shirts and jackets through to foosball chilly bins and jukeboxes – and everything in between; JPS Marketing has the creative to design full promotional solutions and campaigns to connect you to your customer.

These off-the-shelf options can meet a range of needs and budgets.  If you want something more unique or one off, we have custom builds and other creative options – or we could create something never done before!

When selecting promotional merchandise for your campaigns you need to consider key characteristics to get the best ROI.  Keep in mind… promotional merchandise is the only form of marketing that can engage all 5 senses.

Some key considerations for your promotional merchandise?

Functionality – is it useful?
Entertaining – is it enjoyable?
Design – does it suit my market?
Experience – is it of value?
Content – does it carry my message?



Dress for success and create a strong collective culture; be it corporate wear, uniforms, event apparel, school or sports team’s uniforms, safety gear and workwear.

Inject your brand and its values across those who represent it – staff, retailers and customers alike.

Your staff are one of your most valuable assets. They are the face and personal interaction of your company and they carry your brand.

  • Wearing a brand has proved to;
  • Foster a strong, positive company culture
  • Make staff feel part of your brand – empower them to represent you
  • Stand out as a team – increasing productivity and loyalty
  • Make a statement of your consistency in service, skills and reliability


Branded clothing can be used as giveaways, prizes, gifts or promotional merchandise to get out amongst your market or community.


Great promotion needs to capture the imagination of the audience, deliver a message and compel the customer to behave in a way that meets your marketing goals.

New product to take to market?  Need to test the market?
Need to capture attention at POS, trade show or event?
Do you have a brand story to tell or want to start a conversation?
Are you wanting to engage with your customers, generate brand awareness or build customer loyalty?

We have brought to life amazing campaigns for host of clients seeking multiple outcomes with varying budgets.
Nothing excites us more than creating custom promotional solutions that excite our clients.

Our Creative Account Managers listen to our clients to understand the desired end result, then using our broad network of manufacturers, designers, decorators and suppliers we come up with a promotional solution that truly hits your target.

We have so much experience in supplying more than just a promotional product.



We take responsibility for account management, inventory control and distribution, making it simple, quick and easy for you to access quality branded merchandise at the push of a button.


Do you have on-going merchandise, branded products, stationery, uniforms and apparel that you need a constant supply of?  Managing your promotional merchandise repertoire can be a stressful and full-time job.

We source, brand and store your items for you, saving you time and money by having stock on hand that we manage and dispatch as you need it.

We will work with you to develop an inventory of branded promotional products and/or apparel, either sourced ‘off the shelf’ or developed as a unique tailored range specifically for your brand.

This one-stop shop protects and supplies your brand constants through a personalised e-commerce site shop providing 24/7 ordering, real time reports and procurement controls across online e-commerce ordering, full inventory usage, management and reporting, and delivery information.  Our impressive warehouse facility means when you ‘shop’, the product is ‘in-stock’ and can be with you in 3-5 days.


  • Branding consistency – product and decoration with centralised artwork and logo bank
  • Consultancy, account management and quality control
  • International & local sourcing
  • Packaging and distribution
  • Modern, secure storage
  • Inventory management and reporting
  • E-Commerce procurement – website shop design, build and hosting
  • Catalog production
  • Financed options available


Across our services we have extensive knowledge of decorating and branding processes and are constantly advancing our technology in this area. We know the best decorating process for your products based on the results you want. This ensures that your brand will be protected and projected in a consistently high-quality manner, whether it is your logo printed on the side of a drink bottle, etched into a glass award trophy, or embroidered into a uniform.


Drive desired behaviors by building incentive programmes into your workplace or marketing mix. This can be used to motivate your team; build, recognize and reward brand loyalty; increase your market share; reduce costs and launch new products.


With so many options in the market place, consumers shop around more and have less brand loyalty.  More and more companies are running loyalty reward programmes to incentivise, recognize, retain and build their customer base.

JPS Marketing has a wealth of experience in developing campaign merchandise to promote your business and influence the consumer behavior of your target audience and help you achieve your sales goals.  We have enormous purchase power so can offer a range of options irrespective of quantities required.


“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business” ~ Richard Branson

If you recognize through gifting, look no further than our Incentive Program.  Eliminate the process of sourcing and costing products that will suit everyone.  Have a range for recipients, be them staff, suppliers, or clients; to select things that actually appeal to them.

This motivating loyalty programme is points-based where you reward or incentivise by allocating points for achievements and targets.  They accumulate then redeem their points on your personalised e-commerce site.  Choose from a selected branded range or from our entire product range.

Using this as a staff programme, align personal goals with corporate goals and watch your business take off.  Staffs are motivated to perform and management are better informed of their performance.