A foldable bag made from recycled PET, a convenient and accessible product that you need to have!

With the new law change of plastic bags in July 2019, we have realized that it is time to do something good for our environment. JPS have the one product that will help make our environment great again!

Shopping bags are required to be taken out with you everywhere you go nowadays, as stores do not supply you with free plastic bags anymore. So, people would continuously spend more money on purchasing paper bags, whenever they forget. Whereas, this product can be folded into smaller size to fit your handbags and pockets, it does not take up much space and light. It is very easy to just ‘grab and go’. It is definitely a great way to start getting involved in helping us save our planet!

PET material is the most popular choice for bags, because it is Eco-friendly for the environment. It is handy and small to be stored away in your bag and adds no weight to your bag, you don’t need to purchase a bag every single time you shop. The smarter way of saving money and being considerate about the environment that we live in. Customization is available as well, giving you the chance to be creative with your own design.

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