A creative technique to customise your own logo tags on the elastic band for your notebook, letting you stand out from your competitors.

Traveling with your logo tag on your notebook it allows you to catch peoples’ attention with our creative product in your hands that has never been seen before. This is more beneficial for businesses. It gives your business a chance to spread your company’s name in the market very quickly, with the logo tag technique. This idea differentiates your business from your competitors’ and retailers’, leaving them with a long-lasting memory about your company.

This is the latest decorating technique for a notebook, the creative effect of adding your own logo, of your own choice, onto the logo tag that is attached to the elastic band. The logo tag is made from solid acrylic in the shape of your logo and printed in full colour. Giving you a chance to promote your brand and to continue to grow your business.

The logo tag shapes will be of your own choice, the tag edges will be 2.5 mm from the logo edges and on all sides, all corners will be rounded to ensure structural integrity of the tags. The limited sizes are 35 mm wide and 50 mm high. The background can be transparent or a solid colour fill, bleeding off the edge. The positioning of the logo tag will be positioned as best suited for the notebook.

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