Technologies continue to come up with innovations that to make us work more efficiently and they have mastered this one!  Now convert your ideas on hand and have the advantages of adding your digital creativity.

How many times do you write frantically in meetings aiding this with sketches and diagrams, then have to come back and collaborate all this into a document so you can file it separately from all the other notes in your notebook?

We all know the value of time.  It feels like there are so many innovations to save us time and effort.  Yet we are creatures of habit and despite laptops, tablets and voice recording capabilities, we still take our trusty notebook and pen to meetings.  We still write things down.

With OCR (optical character recognition) we can now convert our notes directly to a digital format, which is so valuable and time efficient.  Digitizing your hand written notes, diagrams and sketches enables you to move them to your mobile device and to then share them.

Take notes at a meeting, email them through to other attendees to recap the discussion or save them in your files that pertain to that particular client in the meeting.

There’s actually a built in camera in the tip of the pen that accurately tracks what’s going on the page.  This paper tablet (actually shaped like a tablet) has embedded Ncoded technology within each page enabling you to transfer anything written/drawn to the screen in real time thus giving seamless integration between paper and cloud.

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