Limited Budget Category

Speight’s Sauce Bottle

Working to an extremely tight budget, JPS Marketing Ltd was given some very specific brand values which needed to be represented with this promotion at a very reasonable cost. The focus needed to be on the Kiwi BBQ in Summer; getting mates together, throwing a few steaks on the barbie and enjoying a couple of ice cold Speight’s. Tying into this theme was the promotion “We’re bringing
good mates back home”, a promotion which flew 50 expat New Zealanders home for a summer vacation.
JPS Marketing Ltd showed their creativity with the custom made Speight’s Sauce Bottle. The Speight’s sauce bottle was the perfect link between the summer BBQ and Speight’s. It complimented the new Speight’s bottle by being a perfect replication and it met the targets by being a usable, long lasting item in the home thereby driving long term brand awareness and sales. Speight’s were
delighted with the item which came in under budget and provided a significant 22% increase in sales.


  • Sales figures were up 22%. Incredible value for under $5 and really clever use of the shape as a sauce bottle.
  • Tied in their marketing objectives of summer BBQ’s and bringing their mates home.
  • Integral part of representing what the brand wanted to say