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Woodstock Grill & Chill

Following on from their ‘APPA award winning’ work last year with this client, JPS Marketing Ltd were approached by Independent Liquor (NZ) Ltd to help drive consumers to retail liquor stores, reinforce brand awareness, maximise loyal and impulse sales opportunities while attracting the target market when launching the new Woodstock Honey flavoured beverage. It was important to also highlight the Bee logo and Woodstock’s sponsorship of the V8 Super Tourers.

JPS Marketing Ltd answered with the Woodstock Bourbon and Cola Chill Grill. A never seen before hybrid which was half a BBQ and half cooler with lids that folded out to tables fashioned after the shape and style of Woodstock cans: the perfect back yard party companion. The branding of the Chill Grill was extremely unique with a new method of ‘baked on’ transfers – this was needed to counteract the extreme fluctuations in temperature in the Chill Grill. Independent Liquor (NZ) Ltd was absolutely thrilled with the results.

Sales of Woodstock were up 12% and the Grill & Chill increased brand awareness and were hugely coveted by customers.


  • Custom product which had very impressive construction and successful sales.
  • Perfect mix for this brand and delivered a high end premium item that really catches the eye, durable branding was amazing.
  • 100% creative from the promotions company who invested a lot of time in the design.