Create Brand Love

Make them Smile – Selfie Stick!


Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t deny they’re popular.  If you sell smartphones, package holidays, holiday campers, or simply want your customer to think of you each time they snap a selfie on their vacation, giving them a selfie-stick will ensure they’re smiling every time they see your logo!


Telescopic Bluetooth mono pod, compatible with IOS and Android smart phones that support Bluetooth. Extends to one metre in length allowing the user to take incredible, high quality selfies with the push of a button on the handle. The fully adjustable, spring loaded phone holder will securely hold almost any smart phone and is easily removed so a camera can be attached. When not in use the unit retracts to a compact 220 mm and is easily recharged from a laptop, power bank or USB mains charger using the micro USB cable supplied.

Branding Options

Pad Print (Back of Holder): 40 mm x 10 mm. Pad Print: (Front of Holder): 40 mm x 5.5 mm. Pad Print: (Base of Handle): 10 mm x 15 mm.



When you need something unique, that you can’t just get ‘off-the-shelf’, we can help you!  You can capture the hearts and imagination of your customers with a truly bespoke item that will ‘wow’ them and leave a positive lasting impression that will influence their consumer behaviour going forward.

If your brand or product needs something special to help you stand out from the crowd, and ignite the brand love spark, we are the team to get the job done.



Give them something they’ll love


Everyone loves a freebie, we all know that, but the key to capturing your customers’ hearts is to give them something they’ll love.  Tui got it right with their ‘Catch A Million’ T-Shirts, but you don’t have to give-away big bucks to have your customers become walking bill-boards for your brand.  Simply providing a stylish, comfortable, quality apparel item will ensure the recipient is happy to add the item to their wardrobe repertoire.

It doesn’t stop at your customers either – engaged employees are eager to promote their employer so let them be your brand ambassadors.  Is your company supporting staff in a physical challenge this year (Round the Bays, Colour Run, Mud, Sweat & Tears)?  Or do you want to present a professional image at your annual tradeshow or industry event?  Perhaps you want to give away t-shirts at an event to promote a new product?  We have a wide range of apparel options, and the imagination to make them unique to your brand, to help you engage with your audience and leave them with warm fuzzies for you!


je-suis-charlieIf you care about it, wear a badge about it!

If George Clooney and his wife Amal think it’s a great way to show support, we think you’ll love it too!  We’re talking about badges – the good old fashioned kind that make a bold statement when stuck to your front! Whether you’re promoting customer service, your support, or an event, here are some possible ‘badge’ statements you might like to wear:

“Ask Me – I can help”                                          “Employee of the Month”

“My Name Is _____”                                           “Check out our new website”

“We “heart” the Black Caps”                                 “Visit us at the Homeshow”