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Awards, Sunglasses, & Cheeseboards

There’s a lot going on right now so as we ease into summer and the new year, we wanted to bring you a selection of products that have been popular in the past, are hot right now, and an update on the classics.


Do you have company conference, corporate golf day, or staff awards night planned?  Or maybe you’re thinking of launching a new rewards programme (check out our Incentive Solutions page if you are!) and need a groovy range of trophies, cups or other award form to make a fuss of the recipient.  Whatever the need, we have a wide range of awards that can be customised to uniquely represent your company or event.





 Sunglasses & Accessories



So hot right now!  Bamboo sunglasses epitomise cool with their timeless design and eco-tastic ‘green’ credentials.

Promote your earth-friendly products, services or company with these unique sunglasses and really make an impact.

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Always a hit with any audience – foldable sunglasses are super popular for summer events, sports days, fishing trips or anywhere someone may have forgotten their sunnies or are worried about damaging or losing their ‘expensive’ set!

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Event/Festival Sunglasses


These are the ultimate grab-&-go sunnies.  Simply roll up, pop in the canister and hang round your neck until the sun comes out – then un-roll them – the natural curve holds them on your face!  Perfect for all summer events and festivals and they can be branded!

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No matter what kind of sunglasses you have or want to use as a promotional vehicle, don’t forget your accessories: glasses cases, storage clips, safety straps and cleaning cloths – all great opportunities for additional branding.

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Cheeseboards are a classic accessory at any NZ party, BBQ, winery day out, or beach picnic.  Whether you want to gift them, make them a redeemable prize with a purchase, or include one in a hamper to giveaway, we can get you a style and design to suit your needs.  Contact us to get your hands on this hot promotional item that never goes out of style.