Incentive Solutions

Incentivising people to behave in a desirable way is a challenge that businesses face every day. Whether you’re trying to motivate your staff, encourage your customers to buy more of your products, or entice new customers to try your product, JPS can provide you with creative merchandise-based incentive programs and campaigns that will drive the types of behaviours you are seeking.

Staff Incentive Programs

Reward and recognize achievement, appreciation and loyalty with a customised, points-based Staff Incentive Program that JPS can craft to fit your needs, budget, and staff.

Incentive programs work because they align personal goals and corporate goals.  Online point programs are especially powerful because:

  • Managers have performance details at their fingertips and can target communications to encourage positive behaviour and greater achievement
  • Participants know exactly what is needed to earn points and “what’s in it” for them

When program objectives are clearly defined, participants can see their performance status and shop everything available in the Rewards Mall in real-time. If you want to foster a recognition culture that will lead to employee engagement, loyalty and increased performance for your organization, contact JPS Marketing to discuss a Reward & Recognition solution that will give you the advantage in reaching these goals.

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Influence Consumer Behaviour

Would you like to increase the share of wallet your customers give you?  Encourage existing customers to buy from you more often or use more of your products?  Or would you like to expand your market share without having to offer discounts to get new customers to switch to your product?  Perhaps you’d just like to reinforce your customer’s loyal behaviour by rewarding them for their ‘good’ buying behaviour?


JPS Marketing has a wealth of experience in developing multi-activation gift-with-purchase campaigns, and many other merchandise-based ‘carrots’ that will influence the consumer behaviour of your target audience and help you achieve your sales goals.

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Info Sheet & Customer Testimonial

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