Speight’s Sauce Bottle

The Need

Working to an extremely tight budget, JPS Marketing Ltd was given some very specific brand values which needed to be represented with this promotion at a very reasonable cost. The focus needed to be on the Kiwi BBQ in Summer; getting mates together, throwing a few steaks on the barbie and enjoying a couple of ice cold Speight’s. Tying into this theme was the promotion “We’re bringing good mates back home”, a promotion which flew 50 expat New Zealanders home for a summer vacation.

The Solution

JPS Marketing presented the client with a product which not only intrinsically linked Speights with the classic Kiwi Summer BBQ, but provided consumers with a useful, iconic item that extened brand exposure well past the point of sale.

The Speight’s Sauce bottle was an exact replica of the new Speight’s beer bottle and appealed to the demographic on both a practical and emotional level.

The Result

Speight’s were delighted with the item which came in under budget and resulted in an increase in sales that exceeded the campaign target.

JPS Marketing Ltd was also rewarded for their creativity, winning an APPA award for the Speight’s Sauce Bottle in the ‘Limited Budget Category’ – proving that creativity and success doesn’t have to mean an astronomical budget!